ZiwiPeak ‘Good-Dog’ Treats | Dog Reward

Treats! That’s what they should be. Unconditionally. And we make sure of it. ZiwiPeak Treats are 95% meat, organs and seafood. The best that nature provides!

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  • 'Good-Dog' Treats Beef Beef
    3oz (85.2g)
    From: $7.25
  • 'Good-Dog' Treats Lamb Lamb
    3oz (85.2g)
    Out of Stock
  • 'Good-Dog' Treats Venison Venison
    3oz (85.2g)
    From: $9.99

Real meat

Just like our pet food range, ZiwiPeak Treats contain only the purest New Zealand natural ingredients. They’re simply air-dried, keeping as much nutritional integrity of the raw meat as possible. Our packaging method then seals in the freshness. Convenient, safe, shelf stable, they’re also highly digestible!

Our Treats reward your pet, while improving or supporting nutritional health and well-being. After all, that’s the whole ZiwiPeak philosophy – good things for good health!

Often small things work wonders. Our Treats work on your dog’s digestion, energy, vitality, healthy coat and skin, reducing bad breath, stool volume and flatulence.

Modify portion size

There’s a mountain of goodness in each ZiwiPeak treat. But they’re not intended as a complete daily diet. Just a premium real-meat reward. So remember to modify portions of ZiwiPeak food at feeding times. Your dog won’t need as much if it’s earning (and we mean earning) Treats.

No nasties

None. Our treats contain no added sugars, salt, glycerines, antibiotics, growth promotants, fillers, grains or potatoes found in cheaper products – things your pet’s digestive system can’t cope with.

Suitable for all

Use them with (obedient!) dogs at any stage of life, from puppy to adult. Delicious and nutritious, you’re providing a great reward from a trusted source.


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