Why Choose ZiwiPeak – The ZiwiPeak Advantage

The science is simple. Because it’s as natural as nature itself. There’s no better pet food than raw, natural meat. And ZiwiPeak makes feeding a natural diet easy.

Let’s run through 10 top reasons why we’re the healthiest nutritional choice for your pet.

Why Choose ZiwiPeak

01 | Your pet’s digestive system

  • Dogs and cats are descended from wolves and big cats respectively. They’ve evolved to thrive on a diet with high levels of protein and fat from raw meat and organs.
  • Dogs and cats are carnivores. Cats can’t digest carbohydrates and dogs can digest only a small amount of carbohydrate.
  • What else would we use but fresh, natural raw meat and organs?

Our unique, gentle air-drying system reduces moisture in the raw meat and organs that make up 90% of the dry cuisine. It also minimises damage to the sensitive proteins, nutrients, enzymes and vitamins, so that the raw nutritional values are preserved. The goodness is further protected by the sealed airtight package you’ll receive it in.

Our canned option suits pet owners preferring to use moist food. Canned ZiwiPeak has a minimum of 66% raw meat and organs. The balance is natural moisture and other essential vitamins and minerals used in the air-dried foods.

02 | Totally natural ingredients

  • ZiwiPeak is as natural as the wild-prey diet your cat or dog’s digestive system has evolved to cope with.
  • 90% real raw meat, organs, fish and NZ green-lipped mussels in our air-dried foods; 66% in the moist canned option.
  • After that, nothing but necessary carbohydrates from natural sources – such as green tripe, chicory, kelp and parsley – plus essential vitamins and minerals for a balanced diet.

So ZiwiPeak is the best nutritional option after a raw-meat diet. All our ingredients are 100% New Zealand natural, perfectly balanced for a dog or cat of any age or breed.

03 | No nasties

  • No added sugars, salt, glycerines, antibiotics, hormones, preservatives, colourings, fillers, grains or potatoes.
  • Without human intervention, in cheaper foods, your cat or dog wouldn’t eat any of these things because they can’t easily digest them.
  • Our products are also GMO-free, with no ethoxyquin, BHA or BHT and no propylene glycol.

Dogs and cats find it difficult to metabolise and digest processed foods and the high levels of carbohydrates in most other pet foods. Sadly, these additives and inappropriate ingredients are commonly used. But not by us.

04 | Exact food balance

  • A balanced raw-meat diet is the best you can give your pet. But raw meat brings with it safety and convenience issues.
  • Dogs and cats hunting in the wild would eat virtually the whole animal, getting essential benefits from such organs as the liver, lungs, stomach lining (tripe), heart, kidney and even bone.
  • ZiwiPeak offers all the benefits of this raw wild-prey diet, with added fish, shellfish and essential vitamins and minerals.

ZiwiPeak gives your pet the equivalent of a raw wild-prey diet from a source and brand you can always trust, with all the convenience you value.

05 | Forget additional supplements

  • ZiwiPeak provides valuable ingredients, vitamins and minerals in easily digestible forms for immediate health benefits, including long-term joint health.
  • Long-term joint health is a common problem with dogs and cats. Among other factors such as breed, it can often be connected to years of poor nutrition.
  • ZiwiPeak has been formulated so that your pet receives the best nutritional support for long-term joint health, with no need for supplements.

Dogs and cats can’t synthesise vitamin D, and cats can’t synthesise taurine. ZiwiPeak includes natural ingredients like 3% New Zealand green-lipped mussels and venison connective tissue, which provide digestible levels of chondroitin (55mg per oz) and glucosamine (26mg per oz), vital in the nutritional support of joint health. ZiwiPeak also includes liver, naturally rich in vitamin D and suited to your pet’s natural digestion system.

06 | Improved pet condition

  • ZiwiPeak works in harmony with your pet’s gut.
  • When digestive systems are balanced, bad breath disappears, weight is healthy and stool volume and flatulence reduce.
  • The smell of your pet and that of its stools improve.
  • Your pet’s coat is glossier and healthier.
  • ZiwiPeak is over 95% digestible, so your pet can easily process what it eats.

Cats and dog digestive systems don’t cope well with processed foods, fillers, grains or potatoes, commonly found in cheaper pet foods. With none of these nasties and no added sugars, salts, glycerines or preservatives, ZiwiPeak is pure goodness for energy and improved health.

07 | A trusted, traceable source

  • We only source from New Zealand farms adhering to year-round, free-pasture, grass-feeding.
  • Approved farms don’t use antibiotics, growth promotants or hormones.
  • We only use 100% natural, real meat and organs, just as nature intended.
  • All our air-dried food is produced in our own New Zealand factory.

When you open a pouch or can of ZiwiPeak, you’re reaching one of the world’s cleanest agricultural and ocean environments. And we can track and trace the ingredients back to known New Zealand pastures and fishing grounds.

08 | Environmentally responsible

  • New Zealand farming and fishing is highly environmentally conscious, subject to resource management regulations and rigorous sustainabity programmes.
  • No energy-intensive, indoor winter housing and feeding systems.
  • No ZiwiPeak ingredients come from feedlots.
  • ZiwiPeak has a lower carbon footprint than North American and European equivalents.

New Zealand has strict biosecurity laws and livestock remains disease-free, avoiding harmful interventions. All ZiwiPeak ingredients are sourced within monitored systems and from licensed facilities. Our fish and shellfish ingredients are sourced and caught under New Zealand’s government-managed quota systems.

09 | Personal values

  • We’re people serving people, pet lovers like yourself.
  • As a family-owned company, we pride ourselves on quality and value.
  • We own our own factories. We know that only the best goes into ZiwiPeak from source to dispatch.
  • We love cats and dogs just as much as you do. Unconditionally!

Our striving for excellence is total. It’s a way of life. Our customers – people like you – expect nothing less.

10 | Full regulatory compliance

  • ZiwiPeak meets or exceeds the highest standards in the world for pet foods.
  • Our products are formulated and peer-reviewed by leading global pet nutritionists.
  • ZiwiPeak products fully comply with AAFCO, USFDA, NZMAF/NZFSA and EU regulations and requirements as a nutritious pet-food diet for cats and dogs.

When you want to do something well, really well, you want others to know about and test your standards. ZiwiPeak undertakes and welcomes all relevant regulatory reviews and monitoring. We know our high values and we stick to them.

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