Raw Without The Thaw

The best pet diet is balanced raw-meat food

No question about that. But there are safety and hygiene issues in handling raw meat. And the inconvenience of thawing raw meat from the freezer. With freeze-dried foods, there’s also the need to add water. ZiwiPeak eliminates the problems and gives you total convenience. Our air-drying and canning processes capture just about all the benefits.

The science is simple

Simple, but very important. Beginning in their natural, wild habitats, cats and dogs have digestion systems evolved to thrive on raw meat and organs.

So ZiwiPeak is just as nature intended. We have 90% real raw meat, organs and fish in our dry food. The remaining 10%? Pure goodness. Carbohydrates from natural sources, such as green tripe, chicory, parsley and kelp, plus essential vitamins and minerals for a balanced diet, like chondroitin and glucosamine.

Raw without the thaw – Unique drying system

Our unique air-drying process minimises any damage to proteins, vitamins, sensitive nutrients and enzymes. All we do is take raw meat, organs, fish and green-lipped mussels and gently remove the water. The result? A dry, 90% real-meat food, with protein at over 33%. Our high meat content means the dry food is over 95% digestible. Your dog or cat gets all the goodness (it shows in smaller, firmer stools).

Bear in mind the nutritional comparison with cooked food. When food is cooked above 47 degrees centigrade (116 degrees Fahrenheit) for only three minutes or longer, the physical and chemical structure changes, with highly negative effects. Cooked or highly processed food denatures and destroys the sensitive nutrients, enzymes and proteins. In fact some 70% of nutrients are lost. It’s why we emphasise the nutritional value in our gently air-dried food.

Moist option

We have a canned option if you prefer to use moist food. Our cans contain a minimum of 66% raw meat. The balance is natural moisture and the other essential vitamins and minerals we use in our dry food. Worth emphasis too, we have BPA-free food liners in all our cans.

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