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New Zealand

New Zealand’s important to us. It’s important to our customers too, as there’s a benefit to their pets – the thousands of ZiwiPeak dogs and cats worldwide. It means dog food and cat food ingredients you can trust. Natural, clean, fresh, unprocessed, additive-free food.

All of our ingredients are sourced right here in New Zealand. So we stress natural qualities for good reason. We live among them and we value them highly. These unadulterated natural qualities are the essence of our dog and cat foods. You could say we package New Zealand.

The fact is the New Zealand environment, the way it’s cared for and managed, is a big part of ZiwiPeak. We’re about matching the food pets would get in their natural, wild habitats – the foods their natures need. Natural, clean, fresh food.

Here, in New Zealand, we’re able to select and work with farms that care as much about nature as we do. Our farms use no antibiotics or other problematic feeds, and suppliers are traceable. Livestock’s grass-fed, outdoors, all year round. Fishing’s rigorously managed for sustainability.

It means we can put our unconditional values into practice. Because, when it comes to feeding a dog or cat, conditions get in the way of nature. They’re like additives, or using rice or grain or potatoes as filler. We use only what nature intended.

Dogs and cats have marvellous natures. Individual. Surprising. Loving. (Sometimes maddening.) At ZiwiPeak we respect their natures, the way they are, the way they’ve evolved.

The way they love us. That’s how we love them too – with the food they’d get in nature. From a place where nature’s still clean, pretty unspoiled, and rather special.

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