Meet The ZiwiPeak Team

Our people are in New Zealand and the US. Together, we’re a team fully committed to bringing your pets the best nutrition we can. We’re also keen to provide all the nutritional information you’re likely to need.


Peter & Kimberly Mitchell  |  Founders 

‘We’re the ones who developed the product and our unique production techniques in New Zealand. We’re now at ZiwiPeak in Carmel, California, heading up our US team – serving our product friends right across the continent. Whether you’re a retailer dedicated to service, or a pet-owner dedicated to your dog or cat, we’re here to help you get the very best from ZiwiPeak.’

Coco & Chanel Mitchell  |  Pet Relations Department   

‘We’re a mother and daughter team. We’ve been raised by the Mitchells and fed on ZiwiPeak and meaty bones, fresh water and exercise. We operate a Facebook page (with a little help!) keeping in contact with friends in the US and beyond. You might see us at trade shows – watch out for us, and come and say hello!’

Geoff Morgan  |  Chief Executive  

‘Effective, efficient and responsive business management – that’s my passion. It long has been. I’ve been involved in New Zealand export and food companies for over 30 years, and I lead our team – a great team too – in New Zealand. Our two cats love ZiwiPeak, Noodles (left) preferring air-dried, and Tigger (right) the cans.’

Nigel Woodd  |  Director 

‘If you’re retailing outside North America, you’ll likely deal with me. I joined the team in 2007 following an extensive role in senior management in the FMCG industry. On the road or in the air much of the time, my satisfaction’s in establishing mutually happy business relationships. And that’s easy with products like ours.’

John Porter  |  Operations Manager 

‘It’s my role to make sure the best ingredients come in and the best products go out. More formally, that’s the management of all procurement and production of ZiwiPeak products. I’ve had dogs all my life, and now have a black labrador and a terrier-cross puppy.’

Peter Renouf  |  Financial Controller  

‘I’m more behind the scenes, looking after all our administration and financial activity. An outdoors sort of guy, I’m one for running or kayaking around our local, beautiful Mount Maunganui beaches. At home? Two very relaxed cats, keen on our canned food.’

RachaelMcKeagg Rachael McKeagg  |  Assistant Accountant 

‘I’m more behind the scenes, making sure everything ticks along smoothly with all of our accounts. Putting my hand to a number of tasks, from internet orders to payroll, I am the go-to! Outside of work? I have two beautiful kids that keep me busy with sports on the weekend and other activities during the week. My third child, Tia, a Belgian Shepard is kept happy on a ZiwiPeak diet (she is particularly keen on the Venison!)’

KarenPatterson Karen Patterson  |  Export Administrator

‘When you open your order anywhere worldwide, I’ve helped get it to you. With over ten years in the pet food industry, I have charge of all logistics, documentation and certification, making sure our customers get the freshest ZiwiPeak right around the world.’

SamanthaSyme Samantha Syme  | Marketing, Communications & Brand Support  

‘If you come to the ZiwiPeak office – I will be the first to greet you and say hello. Sitting at my perch on the reception desk, I look after all things web, social media & marketing support for 22 countries!! I have a love for all things design and enjoy spending my spare time with friends shopping or exercising. My pup, named ‘pup’ (original I know) a Rough Collie has just started on ZiwiPeak and can’t get enough. 

Steve Gibb  |  Technical Manager 

 ‘The serious stuff is my look-out. I’ve been in the pet food industry for over 20 years and manage all technical, quality and compliance matters. Outside work? I share a lifestyle block with two energetic dogs – Bowen and Pharaoh, both ZiwiPeak fanatics.’

Jarad Aubertin  |  Factory Manager 

 ‘On time. As specified. Perfect. The day-to-day running of the factory is my business. I’ve been with the company since 2002, and Stella, my Amstaff, has been on ZiwiPeak since she was 8 weeks old and it shows. You should see her on the beach!’

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