Meet The ZiwiPeak Team

Our people are in New Zealand and the US. Together, we’re a team fully committed to bringing your pets the best nutrition we can. We’re also keen to provide all the nutritional information you’re likely to need.


Peter & Kimberly Mitchell  |  Founders 

‘We’re the ones who developed the product and our unique production techniques in New Zealand. We’re now at ZiwiPeak in Carmel, California, heading up our US team – serving our product friends right across the continent. Whether you’re a retailer dedicated to service, or a pet-owner dedicated to your dog or cat, we’re here to help you get the very best from ZiwiPeak.’

Coco & Chanel Mitchell  |  Pet Relations Department 

‘We’re a mother and daughter team. We’ve been raised by the Mitchells and fed on ZiwiPeak and meaty bones, fresh water and exercise. We operate a Facebook page (with a little help!) keeping in contact with friends in the US and beyond. You might see us at trade shows – watch out for us, and come and say hello!’


Nigel Woodd  |  Director 
‘If you’re retailing outside North America, you’ll likely deal with me. I joined the team in 2007 following an extensive role in senior management in the FMCG industry. On the road or in the air much of the time, my satisfaction’s in establishing mutually happy business relationships. And that’s easy with products like ours.’



RichardLawrence Richard Lawrence  |  Managing Director 

‘As a newcomer to ZiwiPeak I can honestly say I am a living convert to the benefits of feeding to your pets the very best natural pet food available. My family’s 2 young dogs, Spanky, a Jack Russell Schnauzer Cross and Manu, a Black Lab, have both been on ZiwiPeak diets for in excess of two years and are both big fans.

Having previously lived and worked in the Food industry in the UK, USA (20 years) and more recently at home in NZ,  my involvement with ZiwiPeak has rekindled my enthusiasm for marketing high quality NZ goods.

For the necessary work life balance my wife and 3 university age kids keep me grounded and I enjoy spending my free time partaking in as many outdoor activities as I possibly can’. 


John Porter  |  Operations Manager  

‘It’s my role to make sure the best ingredients come in and the best products go out. More formally, that’s the management of all procurement and production of ZiwiPeak products. I’ve had dogs all my life, and now have a black labrador and a terrier-cross puppy.’

RachaelMcKeagg Rachael McKeagg  |  Assistant Accountant 

‘I’m more behind the scenes, making sure everything ticks along smoothly with all of our accounts. Putting my hand to a number of tasks, from internet orders to payroll. Outside of work? I have two beautiful kids that keep me busy with sports on the weekend and other activities during the week.’

Ross-Mosley Ross Mosley  |  Financial Controller 

‘As the Financial Controller of ZiwiPeak I am responsible for the financial and administrative functions of the business.  My experience in primary industry and construction in New Zealand and overseas has given me the understanding of what is required from my team to support the continual growth of ZiwiPeak and our customers’ needs.  At home, I am outnumbered by my wife and 3 beautiful daughters aged 7, 5, and 2 which gladly take up most of my time outside of work.  My family has had cats and dogs in the past, however at present we are not pet parents’.

SamanthaSyme Samantha Syme  | Brand & Marketing Coordinator  

‘I look after all things web, social media & marketing communications for 22 countries that ZiwiPeak is involved in. I have a love for all things design and enjoy spending my spare time with friends shopping or exercising. My puppy, named ‘Chaplin’ is a Miniature Schnauzer, he is a bundle of energy and keeps me and my husband on our toes! He thrives on ZiwiPeak and particularly loves his Lamb Cuisine!’


Adrian Adrian Hoggard  |  Quality Assurance Manager 

‘As the Quality Assurance Manager of ZiwiPeak I am responsible for ensuring our products meet the required regulatory standards. Importantly, I make sure our products are formulated to be the best nutrition for your dog or cat. My rescue Cat, Jazz, has certainly enjoyed the ZiwiPeak perks, loving the Venison & Fish canned cuisine the best. After graduating from Massey University with a degree in Food Technology I have worked in the Pet Food & Eatable industries for 5 years. Growing up in the Bay of Plenty, I am pleased to be back living here, spending my spare time fishing & diving’. 

Raewyn-Farrell Raewyn Farrell  | Accounts Payable 

‘Processing the accounts and ensuring the procurement of all the inventory runs smoothly keeps me busy. My experience in accounts in both Australia and New Zealand has given me the know-how to confidently deal with any task that lands on my desk! We have a beautiful life style block in rural New Zealand and in my spare time I enjoy cooking, baking and the company of family & friends’.

Vicki-Crosby Vicki Crosby  Office Administrator 

‘New to the ZiwiPeak team, I look after the general office administration tasks that keep the office moving along smoothly. I am also responsible for processing orders for our USA customers. Having owned and worked for my own business in Sporting Imports for the last 6 years, I am used to doing a million things at once. In my spare time, I am kept busy by my husband and 2 teenage children who all love water sports in the summer and snow sports in the winter seasons. Design, art, painting and photography are all passions of mine. I have 2 cats, Missy and Flynn, both rescues and new ZiwiPeak converts – loving the ZiwiPeak canned cuisine the best’.

Michael2 Michael Lal  | Site Manager 

I have worked in the food manufacturing sector for the past 25 years both in New Zealand and overseas. Having spent the last 15 years offshore, I am pleased to be back in New Zealand working for ZiwiPeak. An Aucklander at heart, I commute weekly to the beautiful Bay of Plenty where the ZiwiPeak factory is located. My position as Site Manager, I oversee manufacturing, technical, QA, warehousing, logistics & engineering at ZiwiPeak.


Bronwyn Gower  | Export Administrator

As the Export Administrator of ZiwiPeak, I am responsible for ensuring all of our shipments are sent from our manufacturing facility in New Zealand and arrive at their destination safely, on time, and with certification. My 2 dogs, Chase (Foxy) and Duffy (Schnauzer/Jack Russell Cross) both love ZiwiPeak and are thriving on a diet of both moist and dry food. My Cat, Puss, can’t get enough of the moist food for breakfast and dinner. I love living in the beautiful Bay of Plenty and spend my leisure time playing sports, in particular golf. New Zealand is spoilt with so many great destinations to play golf and I love getting out and about and enjoying them all. 



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