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Questions? We love them. They help us focus on what’s really important. And we’ll answer every frankly. We want to share what we know. Ultimately, we want you to make an informed and confident decision about what you feed your pet.

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Are ZiwiPeak cans BPA-free?

Yes. Our cans have a BPA-free food lining, ensuring contents are as safe and natural as possible.

How do you use ZiwiPeak?

Easy. ZiwiPeak is ready to feed straight from the pouch or can.

Air-dried cuisine pouches:

Cut or tear above the re-seal bar, then open it. Inside there’s a scoop. On one side, it reads 56.8g/2oz for feeding your Dog. On the other side, it reads 1/2 scoop 28.4g/1oz for feeding your Cat.

  • No need to add water to the food.
  • No need to cook it.
  • No need to deep-fry it.
  • No need to microwave it.

Re-seal the pouch carefully when you have finished. It’ll keep the food safe (in a cool, dry place) for up to eight weeks.

Moist canned cuisine:

Use the Feeding Calculator on this website to see how much to use, and just spoon out the correct amount.

How do you store ZiwiPeak?

Air-dried pouches:

Just store in a cool dry place. Food should be used within 8 weeks of opening.

Don’t put it in the fridge or freezer, as this will change its natural profile over time.

When you’ve fed your pet, re-seal the pouch carefully.

Don’t store the food out of its safe pouch, as the profile will start to change.

Remember, ZiwiPeak is a true, natural meat product.

Canned product:

If there’s food left in the can for another feed, just cover the top and store in your refrigerator.

What pack size should I buy?

ZiwiPeak air-dried food has a shelf life of 21 months from manufacture provided it’s unopened. Once opened it should be used within eight weeks. This is because it’s a real-meat diet without preservatives, salts or sugars added.

If you have a small dog, be sure to buy the 1kg/2.2lb pouch or the 454gm/16oz smaller pack. This will give you plenty of time to use ZiwiPeak. Don’t buy a 5kg/11lb pouch for a small dog. You won’t be able to use the product within its best-before, 8 week period. If you have two, three or more dogs then our larger 5kg/11lb pouch makes sense.

Why not just feed raw meat?

There are reasons for and against. The best diet for your pet is a raw-meat diet. But there’s the inconvenience of thawing raw meat every day. And you must ensure the raw meat diet is correctly balanced to provide the necessary nutrition. With freeze-dried foods, you have to add water. Our air-dried food eliminates the inconvenience and safety issues and, as it is fully balanced as well, ZiwiPeak gives you 90% raw meat, so delivering the vast majority of its benefits. Our cans are 66% raw meat in natural moisture.

Will I see a difference in health?

You certainly will. ZiwiPeak works in harmony with your pet’s natural digestive system. We use real meat and organs, just as nature intended. ZiwiPeak pet food does not contain any added sugars, salt, glycerines, antibiotics, hormones, preservatives, growth promotants, pea protein, potatoes or any other fillers.

What about supplements?

The necessary supplements are in our foods. It’s true that dogs and cats can’t produce minerals and can only produce some vitamins. They can’t synthesise vitamin D, and cats can’t synthesise taurine. For their health requirements, these need to be incorporated into their diet. So ZiwiPeak includes liver, which is naturally rich in vitamin D and suited to your pet’s natural digestion system. We include ingredients like New Zealand green-lipped mussel and venison connective tissue, providing digestible levels of chondroitin and glucosamine, to give your pet the nutritional support for long-term joint health.

After 90% raw meat and organs, what’s the other 10%?

Essential, natural goodness. Carbohydrates from natural sources, such as green tripe, chicory, kelp and parsley, plus essential vitamins and minerals, like chondroitin and glucosamine for a balanced diet. Together, these mean no need for any further nutritional support in the form of supplements.

Will my pet have less stool volume, flatulence or bad breath?

Yes, you’ll notice a big change in stool volume and stool smell, reduced bad breath and reduce flatulence. ZiwiPeak contains ingredients that are highly digestible for the dog & cat. In fact Massey University rated ZiwiPeak with a digestibility rating of over 95%. The reason dogs and cats have excess stool volume and bad stool smell is because they are often being fed a diet that is very high in processed ingredients such as grains, potatoes, rice, beet, cereals, sugars, salts, glycerines, and other fillers. These ingredients are often found in cheaper pet foods and they can’t be digested by your cat or dog. The choice of food plays a very important part in maintaining a healthy and harmonious digestive system.

Can my cat eat my dog’s ZiwiPeak?

Hmm. The short answer is no. The foods are formulated to meet a dog or cat’s individual and different nutritional requirements. Each food contains a different balance of vitamins and minerals. This said, a healthy cat can eat your dog’s ZiwiPeak for a short period, but this should be kept to a minimum. (There’s an expression, isn’t there, about ‘herding cats’?)

If my pet has the treats, how much ZiwiPeak food should it get?

There’s a lot of goodness in each ZiwiPeak treat. So you should modify portions of ZiwiPeak food at feeding times. Your pet won’t need as much if it’s had treats. Much as pets love them, ZiwiPeak treats don’t make a complete daily diet. Use them as premium real-meat treats to occasionally reward your dog or cat’s good behaviour. They deserve them now and again.

What’s the difference between protein from meat and organs compared to protein from carbohydrates?

A big difference. Dog and cat digestive systems thrive on the high protein and fats in a raw-meat, organs and fish diet. The facts are plain. Dogs are descended from wolves. Their intestines and digestive systems have hardly changed in thousands of years. Their teeth and jaws are a giveaway. Dogs are carnivores. You’ll know your dog has the habits of a confirmed scavenger (infuriating as that is sometimes!), but its system is suited to a diet of fresh meat and organs. There’s a saying, ‘fit as a butcher’s dog’. It’s full of good sense – the perfect image of a dog that’s well-fed, energetic and cheerful.

Cats are descended from African wildcats, first domesticated millennia ago. They’re obligate carnivores or meat-eaters. They can’t – truly can’t – digest carbohydrates. A cat needs the food it can convert into usable nutrients and energy – high in protein and fat from real natural meat.

Sadly, most pet foods are made with mixtures of rice, grain, maize, corn, beet pulp, potatoes, carrots and meat meal. Most contain over 60% non-meat ingredients together with preservatives and other additives. They’re also usually processed under such high temperature and pressures that the critical, active nutrients and enzymes are destroyed. The unavoidable conclusion is that most pet foods aren’t well suited to pet nutrition, pet health or general pet well-being.

The food that dogs and cats need is what ZiwiPeak delivers. No ifs about it. Our air-dried food is 90% raw meat and organs. It’s dried in a gentle and unique process to lock in the vast majority of the nutritional goodness of raw. Protein in our air-dried food is always around 37%, and fat around 32%, forming the perfect diet for your cat and dog. Whereas most brands use carbohydrates unsuitable for a pet’s digestive system, ZiwiPeak has a digestibility rating of over 95%. It means feeding ZiwiPeak is providing for a full and energetic life.

What testing does ZiwiPeak do?

Plenty. Every batch of ZiwiPeak must meet our thorough and stringent in-house specifications. Any shortfall – any at all – and we don’t release it for sale.

Water activity, used to control microbial growth, is the critical control point for our New Zealand Food Safety Authority (NZFSA)-approved risk management programme. The programme is based on a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) plan. Samples from every production batch are tested to ensure water activity values meet a specified range for food quality and safety. On top of this, we conduct laboratory testing on all production on a weekly basis to comply with stringent EU regulations and to meet our own strict in-house requirements.

We test for:

  • Salmonella
  • Enterobacteriaceae
  • APC
  • Yeasts and moulds

There are strict limits imposed for these tests, and NZFSA maintains an overview of the results.

We also test on a random basis for ethoxyquin, BHT and BHA & propylene glycol. Results for these four tests have all been negative to date, as expected.

Does ZiwiPeak meet AAFCO standards?

Yes and fully. Our pet-food manufacturing process is unique. Our products are manufactured to the highest international quality benchmarks in a controlled, sophisticated plant. Products meet stringent New Zealand Food Safety Authority (NZFSA)- and AAFCO-approved standards.

ZiwiPeak ‘Daily-Dog’ and ‘Daily-Cat’ foods are formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO dog and cat food nutrient profiles for all life stages. ZiwiPeak ingredients exceed the minimum AAFCO standards and are less than the maximum AAFCO requirements.

Our gentle air-drying process, using raw meat, delivers a high quality ‘dry’ food product, whilst maintaining the nutritional integrity of the natural raw materials.

Our canned, moist products also comply with all relevant regulations. We produce these in a sterile, safe method under controlled conditions. The process ensures exactly the right level of moisture removal to make the product shelf-stable, without altering its state or disrupting nutritional value.

Does ZiwiPeak have any bone content?

Yes, about 3% finely ground bone. The raw meat we use is mechanically recovered off the bone. We also use the marrow and soft cartilage from the meat recovery process. We ensure careful attention to proportions and forms of all ingredients, making ZiwiPeak a perfect food for your dog or cat.

What protein source does ZiwiPeak use?

Just the best and the cleanest. ZiwiPeak meat and organ ingredients are sourced from animals that have been slaughtered under licence for human consumption at plants operating under a New Zealand Food Safety Authority (NZFSA)-approved and -monitored risk-management programme. We don’t use any parts of a rendered animal.

What is the calorie content of ZiwiPeak?


ZiwiPeak Dog Air-Dried Cuisine

Venison : 4744 Kcal per kg / 269 Kcal per scoop

Venison & Fish : 4636 Kcal per kg / 273 Kcal per scoop

Lamb : 4860 Kcal per kg / 276 Kcal per scoop

Beef : 4910 Kcal per kg / 279 Kcal per scoop


ZiwiPeak Dog Cuisine Cans

Venison : 388 Kcal per 370g can / 178 Kcal per 170g can

Venison & Fish : 388 Kcal per 370g can / 178 Kcal per 170g can

Lamb : 407 Kcal per 370g can / 187 Kcal per 170g can

Tripe : 416 Kcal per 370g can / 191 Kcal per 170g can

Beef : 389 Kcal per 370g can /179 Kcal per 170g can


ZiwiPeak Cat Air Dried Cuisine

Venison : 4694 Kcal per kg / 267 Kcal per scoop

Venison & Fish : 4644 Kcal per kg / 264 Kcal per scoop

Lamb : 4794 Kcal per kg / 272 Kcal per scoop

Beef : 4910 Kcal per kg / 279 Kcal per scoop


ZiwiPeak Cat Cuisine Cans

Venison : 187 Kcal per 170g can / 93 Kcal per 85g can

Venison & Fish : 182 Kcal per 170g can / 91 Kcal per 85g can

Lamb : 186 Kcal per 170g can / 93 Kcal per 85g can

Beef : 179 Kcal per 170g can / 89 Kcal per 85g can


ZiwiPeak Treats Range

Venison : 4530 Kcal per kg

Venison & Fish : 4520 Kcal per kg

Lamb : 4760 Kcal per kg

Lamb & Liver : 4660 Kcal per kg

Beef : 4040 Kcal per kg

Is there carrageenan in the canned food?

Its great news, Carrageenan is not used any longer! After undertaking extensive trials over many months we are delighted to announce we have removed Carrageenan from all of our moist canned foods. Production of the revised formula is starting and will flow through to the markets in the coming weeks and months. Our cans now use the totally natural gelling agent called Agar-Agar, which is the perfect substitute thanks to its natural plant based origin and nutritional benefits. As the world’s leading natural real meat pet food brand we always want to stay at the forefront of quality and customer satisfaction and we know that our consumers are very discerning and will respond very positively to this enhancement of our canned products. You may notice some small changes in texture and moisture of the new formula but we know you would much prefer to have these small changes instead of carrageenan in your canned products.

Are there carbohydrates in the cat food?

We don’t add them specifically. Carbohydrate levels are as naturally present in the non-meat product (chicory, kelp, parsley) raw ingredients. The levels are as follows, from the latest test averages (figures have been rounded):

Air-Dried Cat Cuisine : Carbohydrates 8%

Canned Cat Cuisine : Carbohydrates 1.5%

Why does ZiwiPeak use deer antler?

Well, for good reason. ZiwiPeak ‘Good-Dog’ Deer Antlers are a 100% natural, mineral-rich, long- lasting dog chew. Deer antler is basically bone material, naturally shed by the deer. Mineral analysis shows high levels of calcium and phosphorus and trace levels of iron, zinc and sodium. Deer antlers are slowly ground down by chewing, providing a dog with enjoyment at the same time as helping to keep teeth and gums healthy. Because they’re natural they are easy on the digestive system, rarely causing tummy trauma.

What are the taurine levels in the cat food?

We manage this carefully. Taurine is an essential nutrient, especially for cats. It’s naturally present in all our products, but because it’s essential, we add it to our cat foods (air-dried and canned) just above the minimum levels required for cats.

The taurine levels in ZiwiPeak cat food is 0.28%. The Association of American Feed Control Official (AAFCO)’s minimum levels are 0.1% for extruded product and 0.2% for canned product.

Taurine is not essential for dogs, so we don’t add it to our dog foods. It’s present from the natural raw ingredients at a level of 0.21%.

What’s the fat content?

Fat in ZiwiPeak is as naturally occurs in the meat of the source species. The percentage may look high because of the low moisture in air-dried ZiwiPeak. But on an as-fed basis our veterinary experts advise that the levels are as best for cats and dogs. Just as they would consume naturally in the wild.

We, as people, tend to be wary of fat (certainly too much fat), but it’s an essential source of energy for your animal. It also supplies essential fatty acids which play important roles in metabolism, cell membranes and skin permeability in pets. Cats and dogs don’t get heart attacks from fat around the arteries. They need roughly the percentage we provide to function properly and energetically. Without it, they lack energy and don’t burn calories. The perfect daily diet for dogs and cats is rich in proteins and fats sourced from raw meat and organs balanced with vitamins and minerals. It must be low in carbohydrates as they’re not easily digested. It’s a description of ZiwiPeak!

What’s the vitamin A analysis in ZiwiPeak?

Latest analysis results (as fed) for Vitamin A for ZiwiPeak products are as follows:

Daily Dog Cuisine Air-Dried : 64700 IU/kg
Daily Dog Cuisine Cans : 6067 IU/kg
Daily Cat Cuisine Air-Dried : 86200 IU/kg
Daily Cat Cuisine Cans : 6585 IU/kg

These are above AAFCO Dog and Cat Food Nutrient Profiles minimum requirements for all life stages, and well below their recommended maximum levels.

Maximum levels, based on dry matter, are 250,000 for dogs and 750,000 for cats.


What are the phosphorous levels in ZiwiPeak?

Phosphorous levels in our food is as follows:

ZiwiPeak Daily Dog Air-Dried Cuisine:

Venison 1.6%
Venison & Fish 1.21%
Lamb 1.17%

Beef 1.29%

ZiwiPeak Daily Dog Cuisine Cans:

Venison 0.26%
Venison & Fish 0.25%
Lamb 0.25%
Tripe Lamb & Venison 0.19%

Beef 0.24%

ZiwiPeak Daily Cat Air-Dried Cuisine:

Venison 1.5%
Venison & Fish 1.3%
Lamb 1.2%

Beef 1.29%

ZiwiPeak Daily Cat Cuisine Cans:

Venison 0.39%
Venison & Fish 0.3%
Lamb 0.29%

Beef 0.24%

Does ZiwiPeak use ethoxyquin?

No, absolutely not.

Does ZiwiPeak pet food contain omega 3?

All our products include New Zealand Green Mussel. Green Mussel is a proven source of glucosamine, chondroitin, glycogens, omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, which nutritionally support long-term joint health. All ZiwiPeak products contain at least 3% NZ Green Mussel, farmed using ecologically sustainable practices.

How much magnesium, calcium and phosphorus is there in the cat food?

ZiwiPeak ‘Daily-Cat’ Cuisine Air-Dried Cuisine:

Magnesium 9mg/kg
Calcium 2.3%
Phosphorus 1.32%

Is ZiwiPeak irradiated in Australia?

No. ZiwiPeak is permitted to enter Australia without irradiation, and is not irradiated when it enters Australia. With our carefully controlled manufacturing process, the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS) has issued a permit for the entry of ZiwiPeak – as we comply with strict NZ Food Safety requirements and operate under a registered Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) and risk management plan.

Is there calcium in ZiwiPeak pet food?

ZiwiPeak pet food has been formulated by pet nutrition experts. It is a pure meat product and is based on the natural diet a hunting animal would eat in the wild. We have added specific vitamins and minerals to make the product a complete, balanced diet; one that keeps your pet in peak health.

Our pet food contains calcium from bone and added calcium by way of a digestible mineral (chelated) to give the most benefit.

Does ZiwiPeak undertake any caged or invasive animal testing?

ZiwiPeak’s policy is clear and absolute. ZiwiPeak DOES NOT, NEVER HAS AND NEVER WILL undertake any form of caged or invasive animal testing or feeding. We’re passionate about natural nutrition and animal welfare, and our feeding trials are conducted with animal companions in a free-feeding environment, usually among the ZiwiPeak family of pets and pets of friends.

Is there bone in ZiwiPeak’s ‘Daily-Cat’ and ‘Daily-Dog’ Moist Rabbit and Lamb Cuisine can food?

Small bone pieces may be found in our Rabbit and Lamb canned food because we use minced, wild New Zealand rabbit.

Bone is a perfectly natural attribute of a wild prey diet, as it reflects what the animal would hunt and eat in the wild.

We understand you may have some concerns and do not wish to feed your cat or dog product with minced bone in it.

As an alternative, we have a number of other flavours to choose from: Beef, Lamb, Venison, Venison and Fish, Lamb, Venison and Tripe.

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