Not All Treats are Created Equal

It is so vital when we are teaching our dogs, that we choose a treat that really makes them want to work for us. That’s why it is called a REWARD.

Think about this …… If you were asked to do a job and knew you were only getting paid the minimum wage, how keen would you be to work hard, or in fact even turn up?

The same goes when we want to interact with our precious canines and teach them something new. Not all dogs work for food but for those that do, you need to choose a treat that really gets them interested, something that makes them WANT to do what we are asking. It is better not to use their usual mealtime food but to step it up and find the x-factor of dog treats.

When I am in consultation with clients in their own home, I never expect a dog to work for some middle of the road reward. Naturally the ZiwiPeak range of treats are always my preference.

I have had clients say to me: “Oh he doesn’t do anything for food” then low and behold their gorgeous dog finds something that is extra special and I have it! Have I got his attention now, of course.

So why do I use them? Firstly they are made up of all the things that are good for dogs, they smell great and I love the convenient bag they are in which keeps them fresh.

For so many of the dogs I work with from the local pound, they have never had a food reward like ZiwiPeak so their attention and desire to work with and for me is extraordinary.

So if you have a food driven dog, one who loves that treat reward, don’t mess with the cheap supermarket or low cost option, give him the best and don’t expect him to work for the minimum wage either!

New Zealand’s Dog Behaviour Specialist

Sue Murray

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