Can Range A Big Hit For Peg’s Cats


Kimberly, I am attaching photos of some of my beauties for you to see.

My gray gal Rikers, passed away a year ago today at age 16.
My husband found her abandoned and left to die by her mother. She was born without hip and knee joints, but she lived and thrived until 16 years. Before I switched everyone to ZiwiPeak canned only in 2007, Rikers weighed over 30 pounds and could barely move and was in agony. She took to the food immediately and the weight came off slowly and steadily. In 2008 she weighed 19 pounds and was moving and playing like a kitten. All she was getting for her lack of joint issues was hyaluronic acid. The eosinophillic granulomas that plagued her for years disappeared, the diabetes threat was no more, the dandruff disappeared and her coat became a soft, shiny charcoal grey.

My boy Gadget white with black long hair, was also a rescue, he passed Sept 14, 2011 from intestinal lymphoma at age 9. He had all sorts of skin and fur issues before the ZiwiPeak and after the change over, he just thrived.

Our huge red boy Duke was adopted from a careless breeder on March 27, 2010 at the age of 2.
Duke was in terrible shape when we got him. Duke was a purebred Maine Coon, but the product of Line breeding, so he came with many problems. Entropia, malnourishment, horrible fur. Duke took to the Ziwi the first night we had him home. He ate like he’d never eaten before and he thrived and blossomed into the most loving boy anyone could imagine. Sadly, my heart has been shattered beyond repair, Duke became ill on Dec. 27 with an Ileus and an intussusception. Emergency surgery was done on the 27th but his digestive function, including peristalsis did not return at all. He passed away on January 9th, 2012.

Rusty- 3 year old pure bred red tabby Maine coon. Huge, sweet loveable, gentle soul. Thriving like mad!!! This boy starts to drool when I open up the rabbit cans.

Edgar Winter 12 year old long hair rescue. We got Ed when he was abandoned at a vets office. He was 4 years old and in deplorable shape. This guy has done nothing but thrive on Ziwi. Ed is pure white with long fur and has gorgeous blue eyes but is not deaf.

Frosty is another rescue, short hair white with black living doll. We found him, 8 years ago in Dec. 2003, on a day when the temp in NY was 5 below zero F with wind chills of 20 below. Before the switch to Ziwi, Frosty was very huge weight wise……weight came off of him and he is like a kitten again.

Lastly is Neville a pure bred black smoke Maine coon born 3/3/2011. Neville has been raised on Ziwi canned since we got him at age 12 weeks. Don’t know what he was fed before that time…..the breeder offered to send us home with some of her food. I said “No thanks”, I have my Ziwi. We took Neville right to the vet for a checkup and she said he was in lousy condition and severely underweight for his age. She said he was very small as well and his deciduous teeth were loaded with tartar!!! Gums were also inflamed. I brought Neville home and introduced him to his new cat buddies and to Ziwi. Three weeks later, Neville went back to the vet and she could not believe this was the same kitten. He was twice the size and twice the weight. Neville is 10 months old now and he is enormous!!! He weighs 19 pounds and does not have an ounce of fat on him. He will be full grown in about 5 more years. Maine coons take 5-6 years to reach full growth and maturity. Neville’s adult teeth are beautifully white, very strong and the gingivitis that plagued his gums is gone.

My story, my loves.
Thank you again Kimberly,

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