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Thank You ZiwiPeak!!!!


Just wanted to say thank you to ZiwiPeak, Kimberly and the whole team!!

ZiwiPeak is a great small company focused on the quality of pet food they produce rather than the bottom line. Kimberly, the co-founder is available to speak with directly on the phone, that’s right the founder of the company speaks with it’s customers! She is so pleasant and extremely knowledgeable about feline/canine nutritional needs.

One of my cats has suffered from a weepy eye every time he eats since I adopted him earlier this year. Since switching to ZiwiPeak a few months ago his eye has not acted up once!

My cat’s and I love ZiwiPeak because it’s loaded with REAL meat, organs and green lipped mussels. There are NO fruits, vegetables or grains that all the other (even “premium”) pet food manufactures insist on adding in. You can tell the quality difference as soon as you open the can. All of the foods have a wonderful meaty smell, and you can actually see chunks of the organs and tripe in the can.

My cats have tried all of the canned flavors and DEVOUR them as soon as I put their bowls down, they especially love the beef! They also go nuts for both the air dried food and the lamb/liver treats! I am happy that I finally found a trustworthy company that discloses the source and quality of their ingredients!

Thank you ZiwiPeak!!

meows love it!


I have a cat who has suffered from loose stools ever since I found him as a kitten 7 months ago. I tried nearly every food – wet and dry from a variety of high-end brands and nothing worked. I spend a lot of time doing research and reading about cat diets. I suspected that he had an allergy to chicken, which made the problem even more difficult because nearly all commercial canned or dried food contains chicken.

Eventually, after months of searching, I read on a forum that ZiwiPeak helped another cat get over his gastrointestinal issues. Unfortunately, where I live, ZiwiPeak is not stocked in any store so I had never come across it before. I ordered it online and had it shipped to my house. This food is PERFECT! My cat now has normal stools and has lots of energy! He likes all of the flavors of the canned food that he’s tried (lamb, beef, rabbit & lamb, and venison). I am so glad I found this brand!

ZiwiPeak, I can’t thank you enough – I hope you continue to make this wonderful food for many years to come. Your food is truly unique and high-quality, no other brand comes close!

Once You ZiwiPeak, You Won’t Go Back


Logically speaking, a truly balanced pet food doesn’t€™ need tweaking. And people are tweaking even the best dry kibble because they’re not getting results. Adding supplements, adding veggies, adding their own cooking. Forever fighting symptoms with ingredients that shouldn’t be fed to animals. I was doing the same thing, thinking id find the perfect formula that would produce the perfect stools (sorry, stools don’t lie).

My pups were on a highly popular Canadian brand since birth but in year two, tragedy happened in slow motion. Lethargy, eye goo, hot spots, smelly stools/breath, matted hair, liquid diarrhoea and finally loss of appetite. To the point of visible weight loss and behavioral shifts. After a clean bill of health was received from running all vet tests and dental cleaning, I vowed to find the cleanest kind of dog food short of placing an animal in front of them, and saying “Go for it”…

I would have never ever believed it if I didn’t witness it in my own dogs. Within days of a cold turkey change to ZiwiPeak, EVERY single issue disappeared. They surpassed their previous energy & strength. I cried, I really did. I want to thank the stranger who told me about this company and I want to tell the ZiwiPeak family that I GET what you were striving for in the making of your pet food. Because my pups show me every day exactly how they feel.

Cylus & Zoli’s Mommy

Thank you for removing Carrageenan!

Just want to say a BIG THANK YOU for removing carrageenan from your foods!!! Finally a company listens to the wants and needs of the customer/buying public! I also like that you replaced it with agar agar, apparently a much better/safer thickening agent than various gums. You rock!

Our dogs LOVE ZiwiPeak!

Jasper one year haircut

You can buy dog treats anywhere, but finding nutritional treats that don’t put your dog into a junk food sugar high, are a blessing to find!

Rescued Shih Tzu Thrives on ZiwiPeak


I just wanted to write and say I have an 8 year old Shih Tzu who I rescued almost a year ago. When I got him he could hardly walk at all having been caged most of his life. He came to me through the SPCA taken from an illegal breeder who had not cared for him well at all, he had half his teeth removed as well and basically just slept. He was malnourished, timid and had no energy at all. He has I am happy to say come a long way since I first got him and I just recently found out about your food and started him on it just over a month ago and seriously the difference it has made to his energy levels is so great to see, even my friends have noticed the difference. I have tried him on quite a few foods and this is by far the best and it is so nice to see him with more energy. So I just wanted to write and tell you as this diet change is really making a difference and it is your food I am sure of it! He wasn’t keen at first but he gets a mix of the biscuits and canned. Thank you for making such a great product. It was thanks to the air nz mag that I heard about you. Keep up the good work. King regards, Karina

Australian Vet Loves ZiwiPeak!

I am a veterinarian in Perth with a special interest in training and behaviour.
I just wanted to write a quick message to say that your ZiwiPeak pet food products are truly outstanding! The quality is absolutely fantastic and far superior to any other dog food I have ever come across. Not only is the food brilliantly nutritious but its texture and palatability make it the ideal food for training dogs and for rewarding patients with behavioural issues. It is also fantastic for dental health! I recommend this diet to all my clients and constantly advocate the use of ZiwiPeak for any patient’s nutrition. I also proudly feed it to my own animals of course.
Thankyou for providing such a reliable and elite dietary option.
Keep up the good work.

We Have Health and Happiness Thanks to ZiwiPeak!


Once upon a time there were two beautiful Snowshoe Siamese brothers, Toby and Tommy. They were about six-years old when their human died, and they ended up in an animal shelter. A great cat rescue group found them and fostered them until they adopted a new human. That was 8 years ago.

What the rescue group forgot to tell our new human was that we had terrible digestive issues. Many visits to the vets and many tests could not identify what our problem was, only what it was not. Much talking and reading and experimenting later, it appeared that we had found the answer- a€“ grain intolerance.

But, then another problem and a very serious one developed within the following year. First Toby and then Tommy nearly died from pancreatitis. The food prescribed by the vet helped initially but then made Tommy very, very sick. The gastroenterologist we visited was able to lighten our wallet but not help Tommy. The pancreatitis would continue to flare-up for one and then the other of us. Whatever were we going to do?

ZiwiPeak moist cat food was the answer to our prayers!

It is almost two years since we switched to ZiwiPeak, and (knock on wood) we have stayed healthy and happy (and well fed). In addition to keeping our chronic pancreatitis under control, our coats are shiny, and Toby€™s horrible dandruff is only a memory.

We like the lamb, but we really, really love the venison. If soaked in warm water, we also enjoy the dried venison.

Thank you ZiwiPeak for giving us back the quality of life which we both deserve!

Toby and Tommy

Little Miss Picky Meets Her Match


Hi ZiwiPeak! As an ex-employee I’m an ambassador for ZiwiPeak, and here’s my latest convert; my landlord’s cat Sylvie. I would not normally allow her to eat straight out of a can, but this morning when I introduced her to it, I didn’t even have chance to get it into a cat bowl as she was so keen to get her chops into it! Her owner has been trying to find something she actually likes for months, so I’m very pleased this was such a hit….. her coat has always been a little patchy so I’m expecting a vast improvement now that we have her on ZiwiPeak!

Liz Robinson, Sydney, Australia

A Story about Leo from Japan

Leo Japan

We had 2 black Labradors of 15 years and 12 years old, both girls, Leo and Luna.

Leo passed away in the morning of Nov.3rd.

It was about 17 months of nursing care for me.

Leo was filmed for 3 minutes at the Senior Dog Nursing TV program last November.  When I started her nursing care, there was not much work besides the trouble with her legs.  However, after some time of being in bed, her muscle got weak and she also got older.  I had a lot of difficulties with her meals.  If she did not eat, she should have died earlier.

I have tried to feed every kinds of food as she was very difficult with food.  After all, she preferred to eat the human food than dog food.  And the nutritional problem showed up immediately.

I have asked the advice to Ms.Hagihara at Apple Land in Ashiya and I came up with the ZiwiPeak Air Dry Venison.  She gave me 3 different samples.  I was not confident if Leo eat it but it was the only thing I can do at that time and I knew she would die if she did not eat it.  I thought that she may vomit it out.

But she ate it.  I was about to cry with joy.  Every kinds of food I tried did not work.  When I almost gave up feeding, I met the ZiwiPeak.  ZiwiPeak saved Leo’s life.

Although she was in bed all day, she woofed vigorously saying “ I am hungry” everyday..
When she looked the food stuck in her throat, I changed it to the can food.  Now Luna, her sister also eats can food.  Since Labrador is weak in hip joint, supplements only can not fill the nutritional requirements and I believe that the food is helping such condition.

I can tell that the ZiwiPeak dog food imported by Red Heart supported Leo’s life till her very last time. Unfortunately she had the osteogenic sarcoma one month before her death.  Without the disease, she should have been still alive.

She lived with the Venison can food up to one week before her death.

The vet at Iimori Animal Hospital in Ashiya has traveled to my home many times to diagnose Leo and he said “I have never seen the senior dog in bed with such a shiny coat!”  Also the vet at Watanabe Animal Hospital in Suma, Kobe, and the director of Dakutari Animal Hospital in Sakai, Osaka both checked Leo in his very last days and said “What a wonderful coat.  It is shining!”  I think that the good nutrition consumed in her body made it happen.

After her death, the TV crew of the Tokudane, Fuji TV called me to ask to film Leo again.  I explained that she died but sent them her video tapes.  I am going to tell them that Leo lived well with the ZiwiPeak dog food, too.

Thank you very much for your food.

It was a long nursing period but I am sure that Leo should have been still eating the ZiwiPeak if she did not have the cancer.

I promised to Leo.  I am going to tell my dog nursing experience to the owners who are facing the same once a year at the mentioned 3 hospitals and tell Leo lived well to the last time with the ZiwiPeak.  And I decided to donate ZiwiPeak can food to them.

I want to tell ZiwiPeak dog food to as many dog owners as possible.  And it finally proved with some other senior dogs that they were willing to eat the ZiwiPeak although they had lost appetite to eat any others.

Thank you again for the wonderful food to my dogs.

Luna will live long with the ZiwiPeak.

Mieko Mori

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