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More motivated with ZiwiPeak treats

We are a dog daycare centre in Sydney, Australia and cater for 45 dogs per day. We have, as you can imagine, gone through and tried lots of different treats. We tried Ziwipeak about 6 weeks ago and I cannot begin to tell you how motivated the dogs have been and we have had dogs (particularly the grooming dogs) that generally refuse treats gobble them up with enthusiasm! When have been able to shape and change many undesirable behaviour and replace with more appropriate behaviour. We have also had greatly improved impulse control using Ziwipeak. I have also now started using your product in all my clicker training classes. We LOVE your superior product and thought you should know how much it has changed our days:)

We wanted a natural, high fat, high protein, low carb, nutrient dense food


Thank you, thank you, thank you for such a wonderful product! We only had our 4 month old cavalier king Charles pup, Hendricks, home for a few days when we noticed he was passing blood and mucus in his stools. I frantically searched the internet looking to change his diet. We wanted a natural, high fat, high protein, low carb, nutrient dense food that would fix his troubled tum and give him the best start in life…then I stumbled upon ziwipeak! He loves it!…and almost immediately his stomach problem has gone and we have a happy, bouncing, shiny coated little fella!

best food even better!

My two cats love this food both can and air dry. Venison and rabbit are their favorites I have tried for over a year to give them a homemade raw diet without sucess theyare my old men ! Brothers soon to be 15 years young!!! Raw without the thaw is on the mark. I am really pleased you took out the carrageenan it was the only questionable ingredient in my opinion now I believe nothing can compare to ziwi peak! Thank you for your dedication to our furry babies.

Thank you for ZiwiPeak!

Since I feed my dog ZiwiPeak his fur is very glossy, soft to the touch, his fur does not fall as much as in the past and itchy skin problems just disappeared. I see that my dog is happy, full of energy and healthy. Thanks Ziwipeak!

Ziwi peak dog food

I have to say am VERY well impressed with the BEEF air dried SO little needed and my chichuahua LOVES it the vet is well impressed too THANK YOU guys no more commercial dried food for me this IS AWESOME ….

he moulted so much now its very little his coat is shiny and the glucosamine helps his joints as he had problems before i would RECOMMEND this to ANYONE yes its expensive BUT so worth it

Thank You ZiwiPeak!!!!


Just wanted to say thank you to ZiwiPeak, Kimberly and the whole team!!

ZiwiPeak is a great small company focused on the quality of pet food they produce rather than the bottom line. Kimberly, the co-founder is available to speak with directly on the phone, that’s right the founder of the company speaks with it’s customers! She is so pleasant and extremely knowledgeable about feline/canine nutritional needs.

One of my cats has suffered from a weepy eye every time he eats since I adopted him earlier this year. Since switching to ZiwiPeak a few months ago his eye has not acted up once!

My cat’s and I love ZiwiPeak because it’s loaded with REAL meat, organs and green lipped mussels. There are NO fruits, vegetables or grains that all the other (even “premium”) pet food manufactures insist on adding in. You can tell the quality difference as soon as you open the can. All of the foods have a wonderful meaty smell, and you can actually see chunks of the organs and tripe in the can.

My cats have tried all of the canned flavors and DEVOUR them as soon as I put their bowls down, they especially love the beef! They also go nuts for both the air dried food and the lamb/liver treats! I am happy that I finally found a trustworthy company that discloses the source and quality of their ingredients!

Thank you ZiwiPeak!!

meows love it!


I have a cat who has suffered from loose stools ever since I found him as a kitten 7 months ago. I tried nearly every food – wet and dry from a variety of high-end brands and nothing worked. I spend a lot of time doing research and reading about cat diets. I suspected that he had an allergy to chicken, which made the problem even more difficult because nearly all commercial canned or dried food contains chicken.

Eventually, after months of searching, I read on a forum that ZiwiPeak helped another cat get over his gastrointestinal issues. Unfortunately, where I live, ZiwiPeak is not stocked in any store so I had never come across it before. I ordered it online and had it shipped to my house. This food is PERFECT! My cat now has normal stools and has lots of energy! He likes all of the flavors of the canned food that he’s tried (lamb, beef, rabbit & lamb, and venison). I am so glad I found this brand!

ZiwiPeak, I can’t thank you enough – I hope you continue to make this wonderful food for many years to come. Your food is truly unique and high-quality, no other brand comes close!

Once You ZiwiPeak, You Won’t Go Back


Logically speaking, a truly balanced pet food doesn’t€™ need tweaking. And people are tweaking even the best dry kibble because they’re not getting results. Adding supplements, adding veggies, adding their own cooking. Forever fighting symptoms with ingredients that shouldn’t be fed to animals. I was doing the same thing, thinking id find the perfect formula that would produce the perfect stools (sorry, stools don’t lie).

My pups were on a highly popular Canadian brand since birth but in year two, tragedy happened in slow motion. Lethargy, eye goo, hot spots, smelly stools/breath, matted hair, liquid diarrhoea and finally loss of appetite. To the point of visible weight loss and behavioral shifts. After a clean bill of health was received from running all vet tests and dental cleaning, I vowed to find the cleanest kind of dog food short of placing an animal in front of them, and saying “Go for it”…

I would have never ever believed it if I didn’t witness it in my own dogs. Within days of a cold turkey change to ZiwiPeak, EVERY single issue disappeared. They surpassed their previous energy & strength. I cried, I really did. I want to thank the stranger who told me about this company and I want to tell the ZiwiPeak family that I GET what you were striving for in the making of your pet food. Because my pups show me every day exactly how they feel.

Cylus & Zoli’s Mommy

Thank you for removing Carrageenan!

Just want to say a BIG THANK YOU for removing carrageenan from your foods!!! Finally a company listens to the wants and needs of the customer/buying public! I also like that you replaced it with agar agar, apparently a much better/safer thickening agent than various gums. You rock!

Our dogs LOVE ZiwiPeak!

Jasper one year haircut

You can buy dog treats anywhere, but finding nutritional treats that don’t put your dog into a junk food sugar high, are a blessing to find!

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