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ZiwiPeak canned food a winner with finicky chihuahua

I ordered some of the ZiwiPeak canned food for my finicky chihuahua.The very first time he ate it was a hit..I couldn’t believe it ! He loved it ! I will be ordering more,and will also order the dry food as well.I have recommended this food to family and friends.It’s a great product..Thank you!

I trust my dogs opinion in food

The enthusiasm they show when I open the pouch is something they have never done with any food or dog treats. The cost is well worth it if they are healthy and happy.
Highly recommend!

Super soft cat fur thanks to ZiwiPeak

She is now fed with exclusively ZiwiPeak. And the change in her fur is amazing- it´s like one of these supersoft stuffed animals. I´ve never met a cat with such a fur! She constantly wants to sleep in my lap, and she “kisses me” more than she did before. I have to close the door to the kitchen when I´m preparing her food (she is not allowed in there while preparing)- she tries to steal it from the counter top….. no waiting on food is allowed!

and- when is beef (wet) coming to Sweden? It´s impossible to get rabbit and lamb here, and another flavor (lamb is to fat for her) would be nice.

Ronja says meooowww! And her pet parent says thank you!

So glad I found you

The previous owner of my dog fed him commercial dog food and it gave him diarrhea. Since then I learned that raw diet is the perfect choice to keep my dog healthy. The first time I saw you where the bag says “100% natural”, I thought “let me guess, grain and meat by-products must be considered natural to them”. So I read the ingredients and was surprised that they are just like how I want my dog to have. So I keep on buying you since then and recommend you to all my friends.

I mix it with delicious red meats or as a treat. He’s lovin’ it. My dog is strong and healthy as.

Only the Best will do for my dogs!!!

And Ziwi Peak is the BEST!
Thank you for such an amazingly good product. I have two Coton de Tulears and they absolutely love their meal times. I firmly believe in the natural canine diet and Ziwi delivers in all their products. The quality is outstanding.

Awesome Food for my beautiful Collie Dog Woollee


Even though it is a bit expensive Ziwipeak foods are amazing. My dog Woollee loves especially the Venison and Fish version. His coat is very healthy and nice looking due to the Ziwipeak Foods.

More motivated with ZiwiPeak treats

We are a dog daycare centre in Sydney, Australia and cater for 45 dogs per day. We have, as you can imagine, gone through and tried lots of different treats. We tried Ziwipeak about 6 weeks ago and I cannot begin to tell you how motivated the dogs have been and we have had dogs (particularly the grooming dogs) that generally refuse treats gobble them up with enthusiasm! When have been able to shape and change many undesirable behaviour and replace with more appropriate behaviour. We have also had greatly improved impulse control using Ziwipeak. I have also now started using your product in all my clicker training classes. We LOVE your superior product and thought you should know how much it has changed our days:)

We wanted a natural, high fat, high protein, low carb, nutrient dense food


Thank you, thank you, thank you for such a wonderful product! We only had our 4 month old cavalier king Charles pup, Hendricks, home for a few days when we noticed he was passing blood and mucus in his stools. I frantically searched the internet looking to change his diet. We wanted a natural, high fat, high protein, low carb, nutrient dense food that would fix his troubled tum and give him the best start in life…then I stumbled upon ziwipeak! He loves it!…and almost immediately his stomach problem has gone and we have a happy, bouncing, shiny coated little fella!

best food even better!

My two cats love this food both can and air dry. Venison and rabbit are their favorites I have tried for over a year to give them a homemade raw diet without sucess theyare my old men ! Brothers soon to be 15 years young!!! Raw without the thaw is on the mark. I am really pleased you took out the carrageenan it was the only questionable ingredient in my opinion now I believe nothing can compare to ziwi peak! Thank you for your dedication to our furry babies.

Thank you for ZiwiPeak!

Since I feed my dog ZiwiPeak his fur is very glossy, soft to the touch, his fur does not fall as much as in the past and itchy skin problems just disappeared. I see that my dog is happy, full of energy and healthy. Thanks Ziwipeak!

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