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I have had my fussy little chi chi for nearly a year now been through every brand of dry dog food possible! She hated them all, at my wits end – THEN I tried Ziwipeak and she loves it!! I am one happy customer! 100% brilliant, I will be recommending this food to everybody!

Gilbert loves Ziwipeak!

I started working for a holistic dog and cat food store a while back and always saw Ziwipeak on the shelf and noted the price. When I got my puppy a few months back I was advised to put him on a raw diet, seeing as how raw diets are the best for pets. I tried the refrigerated, frozen, and freeze dried raw foods in the store and I noticed that because he has such long face hair (he’s a shihtzu maltese mix) the raw food was getting stuck in his face hair and I didn’t want to have to stop every time he ate in order to get some grooming wipes to clean him off. I was then told to try out Ziwipeak as a topper or a training treat. Gilbert fell in love instantly, and now I’m feeding him Ziwipeak as meals rather than just a topper. The price tag may be a bit large for some people but it is really worth it. My puppy is healthy, energetic, strong, putting on weight nicely, and the best part is that the air drying process makes the food mess free so he has a cute clean little face. I read extensively and calculated everything I needed to know about the company as well as the food itself, which is usually something I didn’t do much. Ziwipeak piqued my interest enough to get to know where and how my dogs food is made and processed and I can honestly say I am very happy and impressed.

ZiwiPeak Air-Dried Lamb

PLEASE ZiwiPeak for being there! Finally we found the food for our two extremely discerning Russian toy dogs. We’ve tried everything and nothing has worked very well but now after 3 years we have found a food that they love so much that they even accept it as a reward. Absolutely perfect in their stomachs, they could not be better. Thank you again for being there!


I have a 2 year old Siberian husky who is this pickiest dog in the world , EVERY food I gave him he would pretty much eat enough to stay alive , he was really skinny and he just looked horrible , I then came across ziwipeak , and he absolutely loves it , he’s gained about 20 pounds coming from skin and bone and he just looks so healthy , great food !

Recommend your product for other Scotties and Westies with allergy issues

Gus in his sweater by Alexa

Gus, our 6 year old Scottie, began to have allergy issues.
The vet prescribed allergy pills and creams and advised us on switching foods – no beef, but chicken, then fish, then a mix of sweet potato and fish as, according to her, sweet potato was the least allergenic – as was fish.
Gus’s allergies went from bad to worse. He had blister sores all over his body and his hair started to fall out. He had red rashes everywhere, including on his eyebrows. He was lethargic and often was sick to his stomach.
The vet’s next suggestion was to take Gus to a pet allergist and spend $1,000+ on blood tests to try and determine what his allergies were ‘with no guarantees that we would ever know’ and that ‘it could take years of testing to figure this out’.
In frustration (and with normal misgivings of website information), and noting the yeasty smell from Gus – I searched the web for several days and came across a medical site that explained yeast infections, their effect on the body, and how food – especially starch – allows the yeast to feed and grow – causing additional health problems. So by giving Gus potato starch, we actually provided a great medium for the yeast to multiply and make him even sicker.
After advising the vet of my ‘discovery’, her only solution was to ‘just feed him raw meat – maybe rabbit’.
So we went to the Tisol pet store in our area to search for a ‘meat’ only food that wasn’t beef, chicken, or fish – and didn’t have grain or nasty fillers.

The Tisol employee searched through all name brands and ingredient information and recommended your Venison product.
Gus’s condition started to improve within a week of use.
Our vet couldn’t believe the change and has since recommended your product for other Scotties and Westies with allergy issues.
We feed him both the dry and the cans. He is very active and he gets a full large can a day plus a couple of scoops of dry – and is a healthy, happy 23 pound Scottie.

Aussie coat

On ziwipeak lamb alternating bags w beef my tiny 10 pound “Aussie” runs circles around her Corgi buddy every night! Her stools are perfect! She feels like a cotton ball, so soft and shiny, no flakes. Thanx for a healthy food picky Zoe will eat

Training Treats


I just wanted to say after all the Ian Dunbar talk of singing ZiwiPeaks praises, I thought I have to try this stuff. My girl is 8 and is developing arthritis. I am a trainer and use rewards based training so needed to find a nutritious way to still use treats in her training and whoa have I found it. I bought some today and this is her face. She recalled across ovals to get a tiny piece of it! Thanks for making such an amazing product that is nutritious for my baby and enables me to continue her treat training and gives her this face I have never seen before. Thanks ZiwiPeak!

She loves it!


My cat Zoe loves your canned cat food so much and I have a pic to prove it. I would like to say ZiwiPeak is the best. Thank you for making such a wonderful and superb quality canned cat food. And thank you so much for not using carrageenan and other junks in your canned cat food.

A nutritionally sound, good cat food


Thank you! I spent so much money looking for a replacement moist cat food for our two American Bobtails and finally, found ZiwiPeak venison! Both cats, the male and female look for it in the morning and EAT it. They do not ”gorp” (for lack of a better word) but eat it slowly throughout the day and they seem very contented. The female cat had a loose stool with the other foods I tried (I think she was allergic to carrageenan) but she has normal BMs now with the ZiwiPeak venison. I wanted to make sure I thanked you for a nutritionally sound, good cat food – and my cats thank you too by eating it. :) We purchase from Chewy.com as they had the best price and their customer service rocks! Thank you again – Stress relieved!!

Life changing


I have been reading terrible things about all of the ”popular” dog food including Blue Buffalo which I’ve been feeding to me 6 year old Maltipoo. He has always been a picky eater and a small eater (except for chicken jerky treats). He has horrible breath as well as his stools have been so inconsistent as of late. I decided to purchase ZiwiPeak Air-dried Daily Dog Beef – gave him the proper amount- which I thought was so small and that he would be hungry. He GOBBLED it up in 2 minutes and kept licking the bowl. In six years I have never seen him eat his food in one sitting. He was always a nibbler and would go back and forth throughout the morning or evening. I am a fan!!! And I would love to try other flavors. Thank you so much for changing Harry’s life :)

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