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We Have Health and Happiness Thanks to ZiwiPeak!


Once upon a time there were two beautiful Snowshoe Siamese brothers, Toby and Tommy. They were about six-years old when their human died, and they ended up in an animal shelter. A great cat rescue group found them and fostered them until they adopted a new human. That was 8 years ago.

What the rescue group forgot to tell our new human was that we had terrible digestive issues. Many visits to the vets and many tests could not identify what our problem was, only what it was not. Much talking and reading and experimenting later, it appeared that we had found the answer- a€“ grain intolerance.

But, then another problem and a very serious one developed within the following year. First Toby and then Tommy nearly died from pancreatitis. The food prescribed by the vet helped initially but then made Tommy very, very sick. The gastroenterologist we visited was able to lighten our wallet but not help Tommy. The pancreatitis would continue to flare-up for one and then the other of us. Whatever were we going to do?

ZiwiPeak moist cat food was the answer to our prayers!

It is almost two years since we switched to ZiwiPeak, and (knock on wood) we have stayed healthy and happy (and well fed). In addition to keeping our chronic pancreatitis under control, our coats are shiny, and Toby€™s horrible dandruff is only a memory.

We like the lamb, but we really, really love the venison. If soaked in warm water, we also enjoy the dried venison.

Thank you ZiwiPeak for giving us back the quality of life which we both deserve!

Toby and Tommy

Little Miss Picky Meets Her Match


Hi ZiwiPeak! As an ex-employee I’m an ambassador for ZiwiPeak, and here’s my latest convert; my landlord’s cat Sylvie. I would not normally allow her to eat straight out of a can, but this morning when I introduced her to it, I didn’t even have chance to get it into a cat bowl as she was so keen to get her chops into it! Her owner has been trying to find something she actually likes for months, so I’m very pleased this was such a hit….. her coat has always been a little patchy so I’m expecting a vast improvement now that we have her on ZiwiPeak!

Liz Robinson, Sydney, Australia

A Story about Leo from Japan

Leo Japan

We had 2 black Labradors of 15 years and 12 years old, both girls, Leo and Luna.

Leo passed away in the morning of Nov.3rd.

It was about 17 months of nursing care for me.

Leo was filmed for 3 minutes at the Senior Dog Nursing TV program last November.  When I started her nursing care, there was not much work besides the trouble with her legs.  However, after some time of being in bed, her muscle got weak and she also got older.  I had a lot of difficulties with her meals.  If she did not eat, she should have died earlier.

I have tried to feed every kinds of food as she was very difficult with food.  After all, she preferred to eat the human food than dog food.  And the nutritional problem showed up immediately.

I have asked the advice to Ms.Hagihara at Apple Land in Ashiya and I came up with the ZiwiPeak Air Dry Venison.  She gave me 3 different samples.  I was not confident if Leo eat it but it was the only thing I can do at that time and I knew she would die if she did not eat it.  I thought that she may vomit it out.

But she ate it.  I was about to cry with joy.  Every kinds of food I tried did not work.  When I almost gave up feeding, I met the ZiwiPeak.  ZiwiPeak saved Leo’s life.

Although she was in bed all day, she woofed vigorously saying “ I am hungry” everyday..
When she looked the food stuck in her throat, I changed it to the can food.  Now Luna, her sister also eats can food.  Since Labrador is weak in hip joint, supplements only can not fill the nutritional requirements and I believe that the food is helping such condition.

I can tell that the ZiwiPeak dog food imported by Red Heart supported Leo’s life till her very last time. Unfortunately she had the osteogenic sarcoma one month before her death.  Without the disease, she should have been still alive.

She lived with the Venison can food up to one week before her death.

The vet at Iimori Animal Hospital in Ashiya has traveled to my home many times to diagnose Leo and he said “I have never seen the senior dog in bed with such a shiny coat!”  Also the vet at Watanabe Animal Hospital in Suma, Kobe, and the director of Dakutari Animal Hospital in Sakai, Osaka both checked Leo in his very last days and said “What a wonderful coat.  It is shining!”  I think that the good nutrition consumed in her body made it happen.

After her death, the TV crew of the Tokudane, Fuji TV called me to ask to film Leo again.  I explained that she died but sent them her video tapes.  I am going to tell them that Leo lived well with the ZiwiPeak dog food, too.

Thank you very much for your food.

It was a long nursing period but I am sure that Leo should have been still eating the ZiwiPeak if she did not have the cancer.

I promised to Leo.  I am going to tell my dog nursing experience to the owners who are facing the same once a year at the mentioned 3 hospitals and tell Leo lived well to the last time with the ZiwiPeak.  And I decided to donate ZiwiPeak can food to them.

I want to tell ZiwiPeak dog food to as many dog owners as possible.  And it finally proved with some other senior dogs that they were willing to eat the ZiwiPeak although they had lost appetite to eat any others.

Thank you again for the wonderful food to my dogs.

Luna will live long with the ZiwiPeak.

Mieko Mori

Jonesy Isnt Picky with ZiwiPeak Air Dried Dog Food


My dog, Jonesy, was a rescue dog that I adopted in June and was such a finicky eater. I tried him on every food on the market but nothing interested him enough to enjoy it all the time, so I always felt as if I was feeding the neighborhood with his rejected food. That all changed the day I walked into Whole Pet Central in Ashburn, VA and the young man suggested ZiwiPeak. It’s been 6 weeks and Jonesy can’t wait for his food only to be devoured within minutes :) THANK YOU!!!!!!

Such huge positive results for allergies in a short time!


Peppy and I would like to thank you for such a wonderful dog food that has been a huge help in her full recovery, after two years worth of fighting allergies and repeated skin infections. I thought I would never find a dog food that didn’t have any ingredients she was allergic to – they all had a filler or two hidden somewhere! And frozen and homemade raw diets did not work well for either of us. She was just miserable, and I went through so many products, vet visits, medications, and food trials. She has been itch-free for a month now on Ziwipeak and her hair is almost fully grown back! This is normally the time of year when her allergies take a turn for the worst, so this is a completely unexpected blessing. Thank you for putting our worries to rest and feeding her hungry belly with the only dog food she’s ever “danced” for. She can get back to being her goofy self again. :)

ZiwiPeak Air Dried Food a Hit!


My three dog’s love love love your food!!!!!! This food is the Cadillac of dog food in every sense of the word. This food is pricey but worth every single cent to know my babies are getting nothing but the best. You get what you pay for!!! We have two homes one in Alamo, Ca and another in Carmel, Ca and food bins at both homes are stocked full of Ziwi. Thank you Ziwi for setting the standard so high.

Cleo & Tiger Love ZiwiPeak!


I have fed ZiwiPeak Daily Dog raw pet food to my dogs for the past two years, with wonderful results. Both had a rough start in life, as they were strays, found in miserable shape. Cleo, a Shepherd mix, was around ten months old when l found her. She was emaciated, badly matted, and flea and tick infested. Tiger, a little guy l found at around six months of age, was also emaciated, and full of fleas and ticks as well. It was so sadly obvious, that they didn’t have the proper nutritional support during those crucial early months of life. Luckily, for them and for me, l found ZiwiPeak. It wasn’t long after I started them on this raw diet, that l noticed their coats had become glossier, and their vitality increased. Cleo lived for twelve years, and l feel that this diet was very supportive for her in her old age. She acted like a puppy to the very end. The food is very palatable, and it’s so rewarding to see Tiger gobble it up with such gusto!  Unlike many other raw foods which must be kept frozen until use, this food may be conveniently kept at room temperature, sealed in a cool place, a benefit which l truly appreciate.

ZiwiPeak costs more than your average pet food, but it’s clearly worth it. It is pure and natural whole food, free of fillers and additives. The company is devoted to providing high quality nutrition to our faithful companions. I am grateful to the ZiwiPeak company for such an outstanding product.

Thank you so much!

Yvonne A

No more itching!


My cat is allergic to fish and fish oil, and it has been quite troublesome to find food that is good for her and food that she likes. ZiwiPeak keeps the allergy in control, there is no more itching, and her fur is amazing! I’ve started feeding her raw food as well, and ZiwiPeak is the only “dry food” that is allowed in my house. The wet food is amazing! I’ve tried other brands of grain free wet food without fish, but none has even come close. She looks amazing, seems to feel very good, and keeps the weight perfect. A picture of perfect health. And soon she will be out of that “teen-phase”…… finally!

A big meow from Ronja

ZiwiPeak helped heal my Pomeranian Charlie


My 9 year old Pomeranian Charlie has been on ZiwiPeak for past three years… At the beginning of the year he was savagely attacked by a German Shepherd and virtually skinned alive… Long story short. It was only skin damaged and he has recovered beautifully… His scars can’t be seen even when u part his fur and his fur has grown back gloriously… I put it down to the fabulous food he’s on. He loves the Venison and Fish dried food… Thanks ZiwiPeak

Thank you ZiwiPeak!

Tabby and Ginge2

Thank you ZiwiPeak!

Our 11 year old Tabby girl was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and restrictive cardiomyopathy (heart disease) 2 years ago. We have been managing it so far with Methamizole gel applied to Tabby’s ears twice a day. However, recently we were told by our vet, despite increasing the dosage, that Tabby was becoming immune to Methamizole as a treatment. Her T4 readings were at 50 and 51, even with the increased dosage.

I decided to register Tabby for the radioactive iodine therapy and was advised to desist applying the Methamizole two weeks prior in order to aid the effectiveness of the treatment. One week into this and Tabby’s breathing became rapid at above 30 breaths per minute, her heart rate in the high 200 bpm. Our vet administered Tabby with a beta blocker to slow her heart rate down but unfortunately Tabby reacted badly and lost her faculties on the vet floor. She was immediately placed in an oxygen tank which helped save her life. We were moments away from losing Tabby that day, it was horrendous. Suffice to say I cancelled her booking for radioactive iodine therapy. I doubt Tabby would even have survived it.

After this, I was advised to put Tabby straight back on the Methamizole (even though it didn’t seem to be working) and take her home with a couple of diuretics and daily checks of her heart rate. She was poorly for at least a week following this episode and had no appetite. We did eventually get her to eat something with some help from an appetite stimulant.

It was at this point I knew I had to take Tabby’s health into my own hands. If the usual treatments for hyperthyroidism was not open to us, then I had to look more closely at her diet. After all, it was probably feeding Tabby supermarket pet food (despite paying top price for them) that resulted in Tabby’s decline in health anyway. After hours of research I came across a pet food called ZiwiPeak. ZiwiPeak is a NZ brand that uses only natural game in their pet foods, a diet more consistent with a cat’s (and dog’s) makeup and health. I discovered that this food could not be purchased at any supermarket or pet food outlet which brought me to the door of Irene Hess-Oates at “Nutrition and You”. Irene advised me over the phone that other clients’ pets had benefited greatly from the ZiwiPeaks diet.

So I collected two trays of the tinned cat food and threw out all of the Science Diet and other expensive tins and sachets purchased from the pet store. I then started both of our cats solely on ZiwiPeaks Lamb, Venison and Beef tins.

I am so happy to say that one month later, both animals have the softest coats and my dear Tabby’s latest T4 readings have fallen back to a normal 23! She has better mobility, her eyes are brighter and her breathing and heart rate are now completely normal. The vet asked me what I had been doing and I said the only change I had made was to Tabby’s diet. I can’t speak highly enough of the ZiwiPeak natural pet food. Tabby no longer needs any beta blockers or diuretics and I am hoping to start reducing her dosage of the methamizole soon too!

A big thank you to ZiwiPeaks for putting one of the best animal diets on the market. Your food has made such a difference to our cats and definitely to our happiness!

Alison Chapple

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