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Welcome to my blog. I love hearing about how you are doing on ZiwiPeak and what you’ve been up to. Below are just some of the many emails you’ve sent to my Mom and Dad who suggested I share with you. Please enjoy them as much I have! 

Mon 18 April 2016 16:40

Meet Doogal!



Check out Doogal, the newest member of our ZiwiPeak team. Doogal is a Scottish Terrier and is just 5 months old. He already loves ZiwiPeak, starting out on the Venison & Fish Air-Dried Cuisine. Yum! Doogal’s mum is our Customer Service Manager, Shelley, who is located in our New Zealand office. Welcome to the team Doogal!

Mon 18 April 2016 16:38

ZiwiPeak goes Global


On March 16-18th our ZiwiPeak USA team attended the annual Global Pet Expo in Orlando, FL. The show featured over 900 companies from around the world; and due to its scale and success is ranked one of the top 100 trade shows in the Nation. During the three day show our team had the opportunity to engage with many of our North American distributors and both current and potential retailers and consumers.

Once again this show was a huge success and we are looking forward to our next trade show Superzoo in Las Vegas!

Fri 22 August 2014 12:26

A letter from Coco’s son – Zac


Hi American Whanau!

This is a photo of me taken right now. My tongue is hanging out because it is baby rabbit season and Hairy Mclairy and I have important rabbit hunting business at the moment! The other day we saw a rabbit that was almost square hopping down the road to our beach and we suspect she has bred by now because we can smell rabbit scent everywhere.

Rabbits aren’t as exciting as hunting deer of course, that really is classified important bloke business. My Dad and I got a bit of hunting in this season. He says I get a really funny look on my face when I wind a deer. My lips kind of curl back behind my teeth and my eyes open up really wide. He thinks I look funny, but all I want is for him to get on with his part of the hunting so I can get my fresh liver tidbit ASAP!

Last time I was at hunting camp, I was actually pretty well behaved. We put in some huge miles because my Dad kept missing his ride home with Uncle Chris and Benson. Honestly, I am going to have to put my guiding rates up if he doesn’t shape up!

Benson is home now and he is pretty grumpy about having to leave hunting camp until next season. Oh and he nearly got in trouble for eating the chook scraps last weekend, but I copped the blame as usual! Uncle Chris says “Benson never does anything like that, it must be that greedy Rotorua dog”. But I did smell quite bad too, which was possibly a bit of a giveaway.

I have been doing lots of walks and a few gentle mountain bike rides with my Mum lately. Next week one of the boys will be home from Uni and he takes me running most days as well. And my Dad takes me to the spring every morning before work, but he won’t take hairy Mclairy because she is too naughty and goes chasing off after rabbits and won’t come when she is called. My Dad says she has got attitude, but I think it’s funny because she is so little and such a wind up!

Anyway, we are all having fun here, miss you all and hope all is well in the US of A!

Will try and find another photo of Benson and I crashed out after a hunt.

Luv Zak

Mon 04 August 2014 16:46

We Rocked at the Zoo!

SuperZoo 2014 010

We rocked at the Zoo!   The ‘Green Cow’ was a hit and it grew wheat grass!   The new Ziwi Beef recipe was widely tasted by our four legged furry friends who found it hard leaving us.   Mark had hair problems, Richard didn’t worry, Polo’s looked sharp and all in all ZiwiPeak’s crew was very popular to hang out with, and what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!!!

Fri 14 March 2014 16:06

ZiwiPeak at Global 2014


Mum and Dad are currently at the Global Pet Expo in Orlando, Florida. Check out this photo of them promoting our new ZiwiPeak 100% natural New Zealand Grass-fed beef formula. Mmmmm delicous!!

Wuff Coco

Mon 10 March 2014 16:41

Ace & Vanilla get ZiwiPeak Hats for their efforts!

The Ziwi Boys!

My dog Ace making sure nothing goes wasted from his venison ZiwiPeak! Does he get a Ziwi green hat for his efforts?

I have another dog (Vanilla), also a Hong Kong mongrel, just shown in one of the pictures. She is a real fan of ZiwiPeak but is not as greedy as Ace and therefore would never dream of licking the empty bag like that!

She is 3 years old and was also born as a puppy in the wild and rescued by Hong Kong Dog Rescue. If you are able to send two hats, that would be wonderful. Thanks a lot!

Hi, just want to say thanks very much for sending me the hats. Here’s some photos…left to right, Ace and Vanilla, Hong Kong Dog Rescue multibreeds.

Semirah Darwin, Ace & Vanilla

Mon 10 March 2014 16:36

To Coco, Love Diesel!


Dear Coco, thank you sooooooo much aawww raaawwrrrr reaooowwww….

I’m a wee Griffon x Chihua, I am almost 2 years old. My mommie loves me to bits & says I must only be fed the bestest food in order to live healthy, happy life.

I have tried all Ziwi Peak flavors andn they all yum as but oh ah I love the lamb soooo much it must be my fav if I am allowed to have favs.

Thank you so much for making this amazing food. My sister Masha & my brother Chopper (both pussy cats) love the food too & say thank you meow meow.

Thank you sooooooo much aawww raaawwrrrr reaooowwww :D )))

Sun 15 September 2013 06:01

Mikey and Molly – Ziwi Peak forever


I’m so grateful to have found ZP for my two cats, both under 3 years of age. They were both eating grain free food since they were adopted (at about 2.5 months and rescued from a hoarding house – yikes) but at about 1.5 years old presented symptoms of chicken, turkey and fish allergies (although I never fed them much of the latter). Long story short: Mikey presented symptoms of feline herpes about one year ago. His opthamologist prescribed a range of eye medications – nothing worked, only lysine. Still, he has had long flare ups – to the extent that the photo displayed of him here is from 2011, I haven’t been able to photograph him b/c of his eyes. That will soon change as his eyes are opening up, we are halfway there, he has the prettiest green eyes …

I had read that feline herpes kitties do best on low starch / carb diets – in fact, cats in general have little to no need for grains or vegetables. ZP is so low carb and low starch, after more than a month on the lamb and venison (with some air dried lamb on the side), Mikey’s eyes are actually improving, along with giving him lysine daily. They both have more energy. Molly especially loves the air dried raw lamb which I give after I make sure she has had enough of her canned food. This is such an exceptional company – free range animals, hormone / antibiotic free and with BPA cans to boot – who could ask for more?!

I work for a competitor premium pet food company and yet ZP does somersaults over this company and every other premium food company I’m familiar with (and I know them ALL – just about).

I’d work for ZP in a nanosecond … ZP provides an exceptional product, species appropriate in every way; I have no qualms paying what I pay for this product, despite my underemployment and poor economic situation. I’ve resolved this food issue with my kitties, we thank you.

Tue 13 August 2013 11:55

Hi its Coco!….

Dog Show in SF with Dr Ian

My pal, Dr. Ian Dunbar and ZiwiPeak attended the ‘Dog Days of Summer’ show at the Chabot Space & Science Center/SF on Saturday. Dr. Ian was in full flight educating humans from pet parents to full search & rescue types about the benefits of feeding and training with our food ZiwiPeak. Dogs came from everywhere to inhale our food through their nostrils and at times there was a frenzy to jump up onto our display and snatch a Venison or Venison & Fish or Lamb food samples. I had my work cut out trying to keep those paws from taking bags of our food.

Daily Dog Air-Dried Cuisine

Wuff Coco

Fri 07 June 2013 12:55

SuperZoo 2013!


SuperZoo, SuperZoo, comin’ round again

Oh I can’t wait, to see you there, so we can show our brand, oh!………

SuperZoo, SuperZoo Vegas all the way

Come and meet the Ziwi team and see our ZiwiPeak.

Wuff Coco

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