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Tue 18 March 2014 16:31

Tauranga Dog Show 2014

Tga Show

ZiwiPeak recently had the pleasure of being involved in the sponsorship of the Tauranga Dog Show 2014. Sue Andresen, the Company Secretary writes: “On behalf of the show management I wish to sincerely thank ZiwiPeak for such generous sponsorship”. The show ran for 2 days 8th/9th March 2014 and had hundreds of entries over 2 full on days of competition. I am sure dogs and dog owners will be excited for the show again next year.

Tue 18 March 2014 16:13

ZiwiPeak go’s Global!


Last week, the ZiwiPeak USA team took a trip to the Global Pet Expo in Orlando, Florida. The show ran for 3 full on days between 12-14th March. The highlight of the show was the launch of our new ZiwiPeak 100% natural New Zealand, grass-fed, grain-free beef formula. You couldn’t miss us and the giant cow! Thank you to all of our retailers and special ZiwiPeak customers that visited our stand. We will see you again next year!!

Tue 18 March 2014 16:05

Hello from Propet in Spain!


ZiwiPeak & distribution partners Shopfrogs recently exhibited at Propet in Spain. Propet is the benchmark trade fair in Spain for the pet sector, and is a key meeting point for the veterinary channel & specialist pet care & nutrition professionals. It was a very fun, busy & exciting week for the ZiwiPeak team exhibiting at Propet and we thank all of our retailers and customers that came to say hello!

Thu 16 May 2013 13:04

Dexxter & Kessa – Our Final Winners of the Sunday News Competition!

Sunday News - 201304 April Winners - Dexxter & Kessa

Our Sunday News Competition has now come to an end and April’s lucky winners were Dexxter & Kessa with this lovely shot.

Their owner Pam writes “We are delighted to have won the April Photo Competion with Dexxter and Kessa. They are the best of friends, and have bought us a lot of pleasure. Kessa (the cat) is definitely the boss, and Dexxter knows it. Will definitely email you when the food arrives, and let you know how they are enjoying it.”

A ZiwiPeak prize pack is on its way!

Fri 03 May 2013 16:52

ZiwiPeak Steals the Show at Helsinki Pet Expo 2013

Pet Expo Finland Apr 2013

The recent Pet Expo held in Helsinki was a huge success showcasing ZiwiPeak to the 58,000 visitors who attended the 2 day show. The visitors were mostly families with children so there was an enormous interest in finding out about the correct nutrition to feed their dogs and cats.

Sari Vahakoski said “ we met many old ZiwiPeak friends who have been feeding ZiwiPeak to their animals but most importantly we also introduced ZiwiPeak to a lot of new families who will now understand the importance of natural foods”.

Tuomas Jarvinen the Sales Manager in Finland was inundated with enquiries and he said “it was great to talk to so many people about the health issues that can be avoided by feeding the right food. Quite a few pet owners don’t realise the many bad problems that can be caused by feeding ingredients that a carnivore like the dog & cat are unable to digest.”

ZiwiPeak had 2 display stands at the Pet Expo, 1 located in the Cat section and the second one in the dog section. Pictured is Tuomas talking to some customers.

Wed 01 May 2013 09:49

Jessie – The Beautiful March Winner of the ZiwiPeak/Sunday News ‘My Pet’ Photo Competition!

Sunday News - 201303 March Wiinner - Jessie

Jessie was the winner of the March competition with this beautiful photo of her sitting in her favourite fig tree (which has sadly now gone due to a storm).

Jessie and her owner Rod received a box of ZiwiPeak goodies, and they wrote in to say thanks:

“Thanks for the big box of ZiwiPeak products that Jessie won in the Sunday News Pet Photo Competition. Jessie and her sparring partner (Quincy) are tucking into the prize with gusto. 

Jessie is a Papamoa cat. A few years ago we called at a garage sale and this strange coloured kitten was marching around one of the sales tables. I picked her up and jokingly said to my wife ‘do you want to buy this’. The lady whose sale it was said – “You can have her, she arrived here 3 weeks ago and I have checked the SPCA and advertised her in the Lost and Found column of the BOP Times to no avail, we already have 3 cats”. How could we resist. We named her Jessie after GS (Garage Sale). If you drive around the early part of Papamoa you will see many cats with a similar look to Jessie (her father, brothers and uncles must be very productive sires).”

Rod and Jessie

Thu 21 March 2013 16:07

Mount Maunganui Dog Training Club Tournament 2013

sponsor photos 006JPG

ZiwiPeak were recently sole sponsors of the Mount Maunganui Dog Training Agility Competition. Sue Andresen, the Company Secretary writes: “Firstly on behalf of the Mount Maunganui Dog Club I wish to sincerely thank you and your company ZIWIPEAK for the generous sponsorship you provided for our recent show. We had a great show and a big part of what makes it great was the excellent ZIWIPEAK product prizes”. Hundreds of dogs and their owners competed in this annual event and the dogs just love it!

Thu 14 March 2013 15:53

ZiwiPeak Singapore – Fun Time at the Beach


ZiwiPeak’s Singapore Importer and Distribution partner showcased the ZiwiPeak range of products in a fun exhibition held recently at the Beach. “This was a relaxed and fun way of introducing the ZiwiPeak brand and the many benefits of a natural healthy food to the many Singaporeans who attended this fun day out at the beach” said Caven De Silva, owner of TAC Link Marketing. “We spoke to many dog & cat owners about the importance of natural nutrition that fits with the carnivorous diet that the dog and cat needs to thrive on and to remain happy & healthy. Many pet owners don’t understand that their dog & cat can’t digest the high levels of non-meat ingredients that are in almost all of the pet food brands marketed in Singapore” said Caven. “ZiwiPeak stands out from all the others as it is totally natural and by feeding such good quality those that have converted have seen their vet care costs plummet and the condition of their pet improve significantly”. Caven also said that educating the pet parents about the right diet is the key to good health and it is not the cost of the pack that is important but the cost to feed each day. He is very positive about the future outlook in Singapore.

Mon 25 February 2013 14:32

Dr Ian Dunbar Seminars a great success

image (2)

Over the last 3 weeks Dr Ian Dunbar has held a series of Dog Training and Behavioural seminars in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Auckland. ZiwiPeak was the major sponsor at all events in both Australia and New Zealand. Attendees from all dog professions were at each seminar to learn from the world’s most experienced dog trainer and behaviourist. Vet’s, vet nurses, dog trainers, behaviourists, government agencies and others went away astounded by Ian’s enormous depth of knowledge and his training tips on how to get the dogs doing what you want without leashes and other usual paraphernalia. Ian’s view on the food and treats to use as rewards was a simple but clear message “If you don’t use the best food and treats how can you expect to get the dog settled and working well for the rewards? ZiwiPeak is the only brand to use as it is the best training treat and food. It is the perfect size and the quality is unquestionable.” Nigel Woodd, one of ZiwiPeak’s Directors attended the Auckland seminar and had this to say “I never considered how important the appeal of the ZiwiPeak product was in the training environment and the huge impact that the treat has on getting the dog to behave for the vet or trainer. Now I have seen it in practice I know that the ZiwiPeak brand is on the right course for the future. Ian’s knowledge is like a bottomless well and he is a pleasure to support and be involved with.” Following is a selection of photos from Auckland and from Ian’s visit to Mt Maunganui.

Mon 25 February 2013 14:18

Three cuties – The January Winners of the ZiwiPeak/Sunday News ‘My Pet’ Photo Competition!

Weepoo Kayno McClaw

Here are the 3 winners of the latest Pet Photo competition sponsored by ZiwiPeak. Their owner Polly writes: “My Three All Blacks in Training” Left to right “WEPOO”,”KAYNO” and “M’Claw”. Congratulations to you all, and a prize pack is on its way!

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