Cat Feeding Instructions

It’s easy to calculate the amount of ZiwiPeak to feed your cat. Just use the Feeding Calculator provided and easy to follow cat feeding instructions.

Calculating an exact amount to feed every individual cat is a very difficult task as every cat is different. The amounts you feed are dependent on many key issues such as:

  • The cats level of activity
  • The metabolism of the animal
  • The climate and living conditions
  • The owners perception of the correct weight for their own pet

Our Feeding Calculator will provide you with a safe and trusted starting point. Once you have been feeding ZiwiPeak for a little while you will need to fine tune the amount you are feeding.

  • Adjust the amount you feed if your cat gains or loses weight beyond its desirable weight range
  • If your cat is losing weight please feed it more food, if it is gaining weight then feed it less food

Our portion guides

ZiwiPeak is right for your pet at any stage of life – from kitten to mature cat – as long as you monitor the portion size according to the Feeding Calculator.

Be sure you don’t overfeed. Our portion guide has been tested and approved by leading animal nutrition specialists. Use the Feeding Calculator and monitor your pet’s condition to adjust if necessary.

Our 100% natural New Zealand pet food has been formulated as a complete and balanced pet diet. There’s no need for any added supplements. The cost of ZiwiPeak each day is the full and final cost for the best nutritional support your pet needs, providing all the nutritional benefits for its long-term health.

Air-dried food

1 portion of ZiwiPeak air-dried food = 3 portions of raw meat.

You’ll feed your pet considerably less air-dried ZiwiPeak than moist canned products or other dry kibble products. Why? Because our air-dried food is made from over 90% real raw meat and organs, with the moisture gently removed using our unique air-drying process.

Always follow the Feeding Calculator guidelines.

Switching your cat to ZiwiPeak

Good choice! You’re in good company. Increasing numbers of pet owners recognise the value of a high quality, raw-meat-based diet. But cats, as you’ll know, can be picky at first with anything new. Here’s how to make it easy.

Take a gradual approach, introducing ZiwiPeak over five days. At first, swap a quarter of your pet’s old diet for ZiwiPeak. Next, for a few days, feed half and half. Then, for the remaining days feed three quarters, before making the final shift to ZiwiPeak.

Yours is really picky? Try introducing the ZiwiPeak canned food first, and then move on to ZiwiPeak air-dried. Another option is to use 50/50 ZiwiPeak air-dried and canned, paying special attention to our feeding guides.

If your cat is particularly sensitive about its food, don’t worry. You may need to make the introduction process longer – even over a few weeks, introducing a little more ZiwiPeak each day. It’s normal for pets to take a while to become accustomed to new food.

Access to fresh water, always

It’s as important as anything. Your cat should always have access to fresh, clean water. Drinking plenty of water is normal and aids its metabolic function.


Only 100% natural New Zealand ingredients go into ZiwiPeak. Our air-dried pouches, specially designed to seal in the freshness, are shelf stable and don’t need refrigeration. Our moist canned food needs to be refrigerated once opened and used within 7 days. Air-dried pouches and canned food need to be stored away from direct sunlight.


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